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Sunday gatherings are back! Join us at our beautiful new space every Sunday at 9am or 10:30am. Details here ›

The Parish is a church community in Alpharetta, Georgia. Together, we’re shaping our lives around the way of Jesus.

The Way of Jesus for the good of Alpharetta


9am & 10:30am

The Kalen Center
201 Vaughan Drive
Alpharetta, Georgia

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Our Rhythm

We desire to be transformed by Christ as we practice His way of life. Journeying together, we are steadied and shaped by a shared rhythm, sometimes called a Rule of Life. This intentional rhythm helps us apprentice our lives to Jesus across three primary pathways: the head, heart, and hands.


Jesus re-minds us through practices of emotional, relational & mental health


Jesus renovates our inner life through practices of prayer & spiritual formation


Jesus reorients our way of being with others through practices of vocation, justice & service

The Latest

A Creation Liturgy

Use this playlist to guide a time of prayer in nature. To play on the…

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The Work of the People | A Prayer-Filled Life (September 5, 2021)
Building on last week's introduction, we dive deeper into the cultivation of a prayer-filled life. This time we're led by special guests Larry & Jody Green from Cloud Walk and Evan Chasteen from the ThinSpace podcast. After a casual conversation on prayer, Larry leads us in an imaginative exercise to Be with Jesus.
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The Work of the People | Come to Me (Be with Jesus Through a Prayer-Filled Life) (August 29, 2021)
This week, we explore Jesus' call to a prayer-filled life, and how the great contemplative traditions within Church guide us in practicing the presence of God. After a short talk, Jennie Wheaton guides us in an extended prayer practice to Be with Jesus.
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The Work of the People | A Big Enough Table (August 22, 2021)
In this talk, Jordan reminds us of the great feast we are invited to with God. To hold up such a broad, expansive, and inclusive meal we need a big enough table. So we explore how we might "say yes" to all we see in Jesus, which means building a table with legs grounded in all the great Church traditions (contemplative, formational, justice, sacramental, and charismatic). For the guiding image we're using in this series, see here:
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