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The Parish is a church in Alpharetta, Georgia practicing the emotionally healthy, contemplative way of Jesus.

Growing in Christ & practicing His way of life


9am & 10:30am

11940 Alpharetta Highway, Ste. #128
Alpharetta, Georgia

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Our Rhythm

We desire to be transformed by Christ as we practice His way of life. Journeying together, we are steadied and shaped by a shared rhythm, sometimes called a Rule of Life. This intentional rhythm helps us apprentice our lives to Jesus across three primary pathways: the heart, mind and body.


Jesus re-minds our ways of thinking through practices of contemplative prayer


Jesus renovates our hearts through practices of emotional health


Jesus reorients our actions toward others through practices of service and care

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Latest Podcasts

Those Who Weep
In the Sermon on the Plain, Jesus announces "good news" for those who weep. We explore how this counter-intuitive pronouncement might be true, and how God is at work right in the midst of our deepest pain. 
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Our Covering in Christ
Andy Culp calls us to put on Christ and come to God without our "costumes."
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Limits and Renewal
An important update on what's coming in the next few months for The Parish, and a reminder of the importance to make space for renewal.
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