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The Parish is gathering each Sunday at Mount Pisgah's outdoor amphitheater & online. more info or Join the livestream Sunday at 10:30am

Growing in Christ & practicing His way of life.


What we value.

As we join God in the renewal of all things, we are continually shaped by what we value most.




We desire to be fully present to God and others. We then embody His presence as we love our neighbors, being fully present to those God has entrusted to our care.

  • We make space daily to interact with God
  • We invite God’s transformation through the Scriptures
  • We engage regularly in corporate worship




In a complex world, we find peace in simplicity. We practice rhythms of margin and rest, accepting our limits as a gift from God and creating space for the slow work of God.

  • We embrace silence and solitude
  • We practice rhythms of rest and margin
  • We ruthlessly eliminate hurry




Jesus desires to thoroughly transform us by healing our inner brokenness and restoring us to wholeness. As we actively surrender the deeper parts of our lives to Him, we can begin to truly love both our neighbors and ourselves.

  • We pursue emotional health to love others well
  • We invest deeply in God-given relationships
  • We serve from an overflow of growing union with Christ




Rather than comfortably consuming spiritual goods, we sacrificially practice the way of Jesus by releasing our need for comfort, certainty, approval, and security.

  • We prioritize the needs of others over personal comfort
  • We serve and give generously to the mission of the Parish
  • We take our place in God’s mission of restoration while sacrificing for the marginalized and poor




We are a people among whom those who look or think differently can be united in love and fellowship, centered on the person and grace of Jesus Christ.

  • We walk with others as we love and listen, recognizing that difference need not lead to division
  • We bridge cultural, racial, economic and gender divides for Christ
  • We embrace the gifts and guide of the global and historical Church


Who we are.

Our Team

Jordan Warner

Lead Pastor

Though they met in Colorado, Jordan hails from California and his wife Holly is a Hoosier. Jordan is an ordained Anglican Priest with an M.A. in Spiritual Formation & Leadership. He is currently pursuing a Doctor of Ministry emphasizing Pastoral Presence & Imagination from Western Seminary.

Jordan’s pastoral ministry experience spans nearly two decades across churches in the evangelical, charismatic, contemplative, and sacramental traditions. Holly is a clinical counselor specializing in trauma and family therapy.

They have 3 wonderful kids – Makenna, Brooklyn, and Noah. These days, Jordan and Holly love good coffee the most, because these kids wake up early.

Morgan Seidel

Ministry Coordination Administration

Morgan grew up in Florida and met her husband Eric while attending Stetson University. They both have political science degrees and a deep, deep love for tacos.

Morgan has a heart for helping others and caring for God’s people. Eric and Morgan spent the early part of their marriage building community in a small church and serving together in ministry.

When she is not chasing their son E.J. around, Morgan loves to play tennis throughout the week. At any given moment, she’d love to talk about the Enneagram with you.

David Darnell

Worship Community

David and his wife, Keely, are happiest in a hammock at springtime. If you can’t find them outside, they are likely at home reading, cooking, napping, or playing piano. After getting married in 2015, they moved to Atlanta where David is a teacher at Mount Pisgah Christian School and Keely is a Women’s Health Nurse Practitioner.

The youngest of four, David grew up in a musical family. His mom fondly recalls stories of baby Dave whistling to hymns in the church pew while the rest of the family smiled and sang. From those humble roots, he has been leading and worshipping in churches most of his life.

Andy Culp

Parish Family Ministry

Andy and Katie are high school sweethearts who grew up in New Jersey and have enjoyed calling Georgia home for the past 6 years. Both Andy and Katie are professional educators. Katie taught first grade before settling into a rhythm as a homeschooling mom, while Andy founded and serves on the leadership and teaching team of The Anvil Academy.

Having worshipped at The Parish from some of its earliest days, they have seen the Lord’s work in this community, often through the eyes of its children.

With four kids of their own, they have joined with other families in seeking to make Parish Kids a place of love, wonder and worship of Jesus.

Our Vestry

The Vestry is a collective of primarily-lay leaders who work hand-in-hand with our pastoral team to provide our church with practical and spiritual leadership. While the pastoral staff leads the direction and execution of our ministry efforts and community care on a daily basis, the Vestry oversees the organizational, financial, and  “temporal” matters that make up our church life. The Vestry also comes together regularly to provide discernment, counsel, and support around each step in our community’s journey.

Andy Culp

Senior Warden

Beth & Mike Nelson

Holly & Jordan Warner


The Anglican Way.

The Parish is a fresh expression of an ancient faith, rooted in the history and tradition of the Anglican Church.

We belong to a worldwide Anglican Communion, constituting the third largest Christian body globally. The Anglican Church in North America unites 112,000 Anglicans in nearly 1,000 congregations across the United States, Canada, and Mexico into a single Church. As Anglicans, we hold to the via media, or “middle way.” This middle way teaches us to make room for all we see in Jesus, trusting him to unite us even in the midst of differences.

The Parish is a part of a specific group of Anglican communities called Churches for the Sake of Others (C4SO). Under the leadership of Bishop Todd Hunter, C4SO seeks to announce, embody, and demonstrate the Kingdom of God.

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