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The Parish is gathering each Sunday at Mount Pisgah's outdoor amphitheater & online. more info or Join the livestream Sunday at 10:30am

Rainy Day | A Contemplative Prayer Gathering

In anticipation of "rainy days" during this season of outdoor church gatherings, we've created some simple and spacious prayer services to call on when needed. This first "Rainy Day" gathering was created by David Darnell and a handful of others in our Parish community. We encourage you to find a quiet space to meet with God as this video guides you in a 25 minute time of prayer.
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Being Conformed to the Image of Christ (March 21, 2021)

Learning to release control is imperative to spiritual formation. Robert Mulholland says, "Spiritual formation is the great reversal: from acting to being acted upon, from being the subject who controls to being a person who is shaped by God." Listen along as we continue the journey of being shaped to the image of Christ.
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Lent | The Hidden Heart (February 21, 2021)

This morning we begin our Lenten season with the Baptism of Jesus, and it is important that we begin there. Like Christ, our invitation into the wilderness is from a place belovedness and into a place of preparation, detachment, and fasting, but our wilderness journey is not without benefit. We move this way for the sake of our wholeness and our freedom in the hidden heart. Listen along as Jordan teaches from Mark 1.
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