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The Parish Gathering – March 15, 2020

Series: Community Amidst the Coronavirus

As you no doubt are aware by now, The Parish is not gathering physically for worship until at least April 5, 2020 in response to the current public health situation. During this hiatus from gathering together in person, we seek to continue to engage life together as a church community. Each week during this break you’ll receive a variety of resources to facilitate community and guide times of worship, prayer, and service. 

As a community, we encourage you to engage the following resources to guide your worship this morning.

The Parish Playlist (A Worship Experience for March 15, 2020)

March 15 Liturgy & Teaching

Audio Only:

Parish Kids Video Teaching

Be sure to download the Family Resource Guide to facilitate family discussion as you watch.

What’s Ahead

Later this week, keep an eye out for updated podcasts, resources to meet needs in our community (if you are aware of organizations doing good work in this time, please let us know), and more.

Until then, we’ll leave you with this “A Prayer in Times of Distress” from the Book of Common Prayer (2019):

Increase, O God, the spirit of neighborliness among us, that in peril we may uphold one another, in suffering tend to one another, and in homelessness, loneliness, or exile befriend one another. Grant us brave and enduring hearts that we may strengthen one another, until the disciplines and testing of these days are ended, and you again give peace in our time; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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