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The Upper Room Anchor

One way to experience Easter Week is to see it as a microcosm of the full sweep of human life. In one short week Jesus soars on the heights of triumph and acclaim. Days later, alone in a moonlit garden, he is weeping from the bitter blow of betrayal. If we're honest, such is the nature of life.
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My Uncle’s Heart: On Love, Grief, and Hope

Throughout this unique season, we're inviting members of The Parish community to share reflections from their own lives. In this post, Melanie Heineman shares her eulogy for her Uncle, who passed away last month. In Melanie's reflections, we find a…

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“Fear is a Liar”… is a lie?

In this episode, we reflect on fear. In the midst of so much unknown, fear is simply a reality for all of us in our own ways. How can we navigate our anxieties, stressors, worries, anger and irritability in a way that is spiritually formative and emotionally honest?

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