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The Christ Self | A Name for Myself (April 18, 2021)

Eastertide 2021: The Christ Self
1. The Surprising Sunrise (Easter Sunday, 2021)
2. The Christ Self Rises (April 11, 2021)
3. The Christ Self | A Name for Myself (April 18, 2021)
4. The Christ Self | Confrontation & Awakening (April 25, 2021)
5. The Christ Self | Dying & Rising (May 2, 2021, Baptism Sunday)
6. The Christ Self | The Way of the Cross (May 9, 2021)
7. The Christ Self | Dear False Self (May 16, 2021)
The False Self appears early in the biblical narrative. We’ll trace its exponential growth in the human experience from Genesis on, and how the eastward movement of the False Self is invited to return home to God’s garden through the resurrection of Christ.

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