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Our journey with Jesus does not always come naturally. We need the illumination of the Spirit, the signposts of Scripture, the company of community, and the maps passed down by those who have walked this pathway before us.

Seasonal classes help us learn to travel the way Jesus gave us. Class topics vary from season to season, and are are informal and interactive. Together, we’ll study healthy theology, life-giving spiritual practices, plumb the depths of the treasures of church history, lean into rhythms for Christ-centered living, and discuss maturing into emotional and spiritual health.

Spring, 2020 Classes

Prayer School: A Lenten Learning Lab

Wednesdays from February 26 – April 1, 7-8:30pm at The Parish
Free (childcare reimbursements available)

This Lent, you’re invited to join an exploration to find the heart’s true home. Each week we’ll practice the presence of God and experiment with different understandings, approaches, and postures of prayer. There will be time for learning from those who have walked the road ahead of us (both in church history and in our very own community), and extended space to actually pray – sometimes in a small group and sometimes on your own.

Childcare reimbursement is available by sending an email to with the total number of children watched and sessions attended.

Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Wednesdays, 7-9pm from April 22 – May 27
$15 per person, includes cost of book (childcare costs reimbursable)

Registration available soon.

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