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NOTE: All Parish services are canceled until further notice. Join us for online worship, resources & community >

The Parish is more than a Sunday worship gathering.
We seek safe places to share the ups and downs of life together. We need opportunities to love our neighbors well. We desire to respond to the stuff of life in ways that bring wholeness and hope. Groups provide us with a pathway for all these things.

The Parish generally splits groups into two distinct categories:


Open Groups are great for building relationships and community. These groups are usually open-ended and on-going and often gather around a particular demographic, theme, shared interest, or stage of life. Open Groups are happening now – click here for available group options and events.

Practice Groups

Practice Groups revolve around a particular spiritual practice and run for a 4 week course several times per year. These groups emphasize life-giving spiritual practices in the context of relationships, helping us open our lives to God and one another. Practice Groups are currently on hiatus. 

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